Yeah! You got here, cool.
That's me here ;o)
nicknamed jahor aka jhrcz

I'm sysadmin at Etnetera working usualy on GNU/Linux (currently CentOS) with CI (Mr. Jenkins) not only for building RPM packages, our IaaS (OpenNebula) and some other cool tools (GitLab, OpenShift, Docker,...) to glue everything together for our developers, so they have everything in place to to just code and have the feeling that everything "just works". Obsessed with documentations and automating all the things ;o)

I race 1:8 and 1:10 RC cars from Kyosho and Serpent, i'm part of Bohemia Racing team. I dance, ehm, learn to dance West Coast Swing. I ride kickbike, my lovely Mibo Crazy moded by Kolobky PECHR and Mibo Rival. I ride bike for years too ;)

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ligtning talk about Etnetera from OpenNebulaConf2014